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Ten Armed Dancing Avalokiteshvara Compassion of all Buddhas

Ten Armed dancing Avalokiteshvara, the manifestation of the compassion of all Buddhas. The Ten Armed Dancing Avalokiteshvara is considered to be the spiritual offspring of Amitabha and is a very popular deity of Mahayana Buddhism. His cult is prevalent in all Buddhist countries. Avalokiteshvara is supposed to have been incarnate in the Tibetan king Srong Tsang Gampo, as well as in every successive Dalai Lama, and is the principal tutelary deity of Tibet.

There are 108 different forms of Avalokiteshvara, each with his own mantra. The Ten Armed Dancing Avalokiteshvara has a feminine appearance. His face is round and very sweet looking, and alert, gentle and serene. The eyelids are lowered in an introspective gaze and there is a small urna or circle between the eyebrows. His nose is slight flat and thin, and his petal shaped mouth exhibits a slight smile. A combination of power, beauty, calm, and wisdom pervades this face, which in its mildness completely welcomes the beholder. He is dancing in Ardhaparyanka on a moon disk placed on a lotus throne amidst the mountains. His upper right hand holds a Vajra above his head, while the principal right hand is in a teaching gesture. The remaining right hands hold a rosary, arrow, and a lotus flower, respectively. The first upper left hand carries a club, his second left hand holds a bow, and his third left hand carries a goad, his fourth left hand holds a Ghanta (bell), and his lower left hand is in boon granting gesture. A deer skin hangs down his left shoulder, which symbolizes compassion and thus identifies him.

The Ten Armed Dancing Avalokiteshvara is depicted as richly ornamented with an exquisitely designed crown, a necklace and earrings, bracelets, a long garland, anklets, and flowing scarf and dhoti. There is a Mandorla and halo behind his body and head, respectively, against a tree. At the center top of the halo, Garuda is holding a snake in its humanlike hands; there is a dragon on the right of Garuda.

The present form of Avalokiteshvara is generally worshipped to bring long life, prosperity, and ample progeny. He is also invoked by the imprisoned and by the childless. Moreover, he helps to bring all beings from the six realms into enlightenment.


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