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Shadakshari Lokeshvara – Form of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

Shadakshari Lokeshvara is one of the forms of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and believed to be the embodiment of the mystic Buddhist mantra of six syllables OM Mani Padme Hum. The six syllables are the seed syllables of the six realms of the wheel of life. Om is white and stands for the god realm; Ma is green and stands for the demigod or Asura realm; Ni is yellow and stands for the human realm; Pad is blue and stands for the animal realms; Me is red and stands for hungry ghost realm; Hum is black and stands for the hell realm. Avalokiteshvara actually helps to bring all beings from the six realms into enlightenment. Shadakshari Lokeshvara is one o the most popular deities of Mahavidya. The Mani Kambun relates that Amitabha caused a white ray of light to issue from his right eye, which brought the Shadakshari Lokeshvara into existence. A ritual of Shadakshari Lokeshvara is given in Sadhana six of the Sadhanamala.

Shadakshari Lokeshvara is mostly depicted as seated in diamond position on a moon disk on a lotus in his paradise. The complexion of the Bodhisattva is white. Shadakshari Lokeshvara has smiling countenance, as he is filled with compassion for all beings. His two eyes look down with tranquility, as he feels equal compassion for all. Shadakshari Lokeshvara has four arms. His main hands are held in front of the heart, holding magic wish – granting gem, which stands for the spirit of enlightenment that consists of love and wisdom. His right hand holds a rosary, a sign that he draws forth beings from phenomenal existence. His left hand holds a lotus flower, a sign that he serves living beings but is free from attachment. An antelope skin is over his left shoulder, with the antelope’s head on his left breast, which symbolizes his compassion. Shadakshari Lokeshvara extremely richly dressed, which indicates that while pure he has not abandoned pleasant things.


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