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Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi

Chakrasamvara and his consort Vajravarahi embrace in a sexual union that symbolizes enlightenment through the blissful union on compassion and wisdom. This male – female union is known as the Yab – Yum form. In contrast, Chakrasamvara stands on minor deities representing maleness and femaleness. The deity under his right foot is Kalaratri, the night of Time, who represents Nirvana. Under the left is Bhairava, the terrifying, who represents Samsara. Chakrasamvara has transcended these extremes, so he stands atop them in the warrior’s pose, with the left knee bent and the right extended at an angle. Chakrasamvara is blue in color with four faces, twelve hands and two legs. Chakrasamvara also wears garlands of skulls about his neck and waist one of which hangs between the two legs. The faces are blue, yellow, green and white. The first two hands hold a Vajra and Bell and embrace the mother consort. The last two hold an elephant skin out – stretched; third right a Damaru, fourth an axe, fifth a trident, sixth a curved knife known as Kartika. The third right left holds a Khatvanga marked with a Vajra; fourth a Vajra noose, fifth a blood filled Skull Cup known as Kapala, sixth carries the four – faced head of Brahma. The right let is straight and presses on the breast of red Kalaratri; left bent and presses on the head of Yama. Each head has a crown of five dry human skulls, a necklace of fifty fresh heads and bone ornaments; wearing a lower garment of tiger skin. In the lap is the Mother Vajrayogini, with body red in color, one face, two hands and three eyes. The left holds a blood filled skull cup and embraces the Father, and the right, in a threatening gesture, holds a curved knife known as Kartika. The right and left legs embrace the Father. Both Father – Mother stand in the middle of an orange fire of pristine awareness above a multi – colored lotus and sun disc. In the other representations, Chakrasamvara typically holds the flayed skin of the elephant of ignorance behind his back. This is another symbol of the obstacles to enlightenment which he has overcome.

Chakrasamvara’s consort, Vajravarahi is herself an important deity symbolizing wisdom. She stretches her left leg to rest her foot on Chakrasamvara’s right foot. Her right leg is folded over his thigh. Vajravarahi wears a small crown and holds a skull cup and a Vajra Chopper, both behind Chakrasamvara. Vajravarahi wears an ornate girdle and has bracelets of human bone on her wrists and ankles.


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