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Online Buddha, Bodhisattvas and Hindu Statues and Sculptures Catalog - Shakya Art Gallery - Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
ShakyaStatues now offers wide range of Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings which have been selected carefully. WE offer Our Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings in both Plain or with Silk Brocade mounted on the Thangka Paintings. Thangka is a Tibetan scroll painting, the artwork mounted on embroidered silk brocade in rich colors and a variety of patterns. Paintings take weeks and months to complete. First, the painting surface is prepared. With the contents and design of the Thangka in his mind, the Thangka artist lays out the composition, and then the long process of painting begins. As a scroll that can be also rolled up and unrolled, the portability of the Thangka has been useful for lives on the move, such as for nomadic and displaced peoples. Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings are a living tradition that depicts Tibetan Buddhist culture, evoking its values, stories, and legends with most themes having a relevance to other cultures, such as orienting oneself and others with compassion, acting virtuously, and gaining in wisdom.
Although Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings typically show Buddhist enlightened beings, they are not icons, but rather visual tools for the onlooker to use in contemplation and visualizations. Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings depict a variety of Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and revered masters. Bodhisattvas have decided to remain in human form to help all beings reach enlightenment.
Black & White Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 599.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 666.00
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Bodhisattva Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 212.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 225.00
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Buddha Life Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 367.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 267.00
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Buddha Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 467.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 733.33
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Gold Painted Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 235.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 165.00
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Guru Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 400.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 400.00
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Japanese Thangka Scroll Paintings
No Products Found!
Kalachakra Mandala Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 433.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 433.00
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Mandala Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 165.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 165.00
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Newari Pauba Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 499.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 599.00
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Wheel of Life Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 267.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 367.00
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Wrathful Deities Tibetan Thangka Scroll Paintings
US$ 195.00
Enlarge Details
US$ 150.00
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