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Online Buddha, Bodhisattvas and Hindu Statues and Sculptures Catalog - Buddha Statues - Amoghsiddhi Buddha Statues
- Amoghsiddhi Buddha Statues : Oxidized
6” Amoghsiddhi Buddha Statue
Price: US$ 206.26
Size: 6"
Materials: Oxidized Copper Alloy.
Crafted By: Master artisan from Patan, Nepal.
Made In: Nepal.
Time to Ship: 24 Hours
Availability: World wide delivery within 3 – 5 business days.
Insurance: Yes.
Speciality: Beautifully Carved Amoghsiddhi Buddha Statue made from Oxidized Copper Alloy and has attractive carvings all over the statue which is crafted by the experienced artisan of Patan, Nepal.
Beautifully Hand Carved 6” Amoghsiddhi Buddha Sculpture made from Oxidized Copper Alloy which has attractive color is carved by the experienced artisan in Patan, Nepal who has been in this business from generations.

Amoghsiddhi Buddha – The Fifth Dhyani Buddha
Amoghshiddhi Buddha is the fifth Dhyani Buddha in order. His left hand lies open on the lap and the right exhibits the Abhaya mudra. Amoghsiddhi represents cosmic element of Samskara (Conformation). Amoghsiddhi is of green color and his recognition symbol is the Viswa Vajra or the double thunderbolt or Double Dorje. His attributes are power and energy that is both subtle and often hidden. Amoghsiddhi is the supreme Siddhi – the magic power of enlightenment. Amoghsiddhi always faces the North. He is the embodiment of the rainy season. Sometimes a serpent with seven heads forms the background as an umbrella. In front of his shrines, therefore, is found a small square pit which is meant for the snake. His vehicle is Garuda.

Amoghsiddhi is realization of all-accomplishing wisdom. The Tibetan word for Buddha Amoghsiddhi is Sangay Donyodtrubpa. The word Danyod means “meaningful” and the word Trubpa means “accomplishment.” So Buddha Amoghsiddhi means “whatever is meaningful and fruitful is accomplished.” Amoghsiddhi is also the complete purification of jealousy, which is a hindrance for both material and spiritual success. His activity is perfect accomplishment and fulfillment of meaningful aims. Furthermore, his activity removes ordinary daily hindrances such as illnesses and obstacles. This is why Amoghsiddhi's activity is meaningful accomplishment. Buddha Amoghsiddhi holds a Double – Vajra in the form of a cross in his left hand, which symbolizes that his activity pervades and touches all directions. He is green in color and he sits in the full lotus posture. The left hand of all five Dhyana Buddhas rests in the meditative posture of the changeless realization of Dharmata. Amoghsiddhi's right hand is in the Mudra of fearless protection. He protects all living beings from any mishaps, obstacles, and negative influences. So his posture is known as “the Mudra of fearless protection.” He is white which represents “without fault” and he rests in the center to the mandala and is on a lion's throne. Amoghsiddhi is green and resides in the north holding a sword representing the cutting of existence. Amoghsiddhi is often depicted in union with his wisdom consort Damtsig Drolma the Green Tara, who embodies the pure element of air.

In this 6” Amoghsiddhi Buddha Sculpture, Amoghsiddhi Buddha is shown in Abhaya Mudra. His left hand lies open on the lap and the right exhibits the Abhaya mudra. Amoghsiddhi represents cosmic element of Samskara (Conformation). Amoghsiddhi is of green color and his recognition symbol is the Viswa Vajra or the double thunderbolt or Double Dorje.
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